My name is Ifeoluwa Okanlawon.​

CEO & Founder | Word Guide

I am a book writer and consultant. My major aims are to write that which will have positive impact on the minds of my readers (of which, my blog contents would do) and to also, guide other writers along the course.

By the grace of God, I am the author of “HELP! MY ADDICTIONS…” – a book meant to set wrong addicts who are ready to be free on the tracks to freedom.
I pray that, you will be richly blessed as you read the contents on this space.
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Umar Philips blocked you – the first notification I saw after clicking on the button with the symbol of a bell. I roared in deep laughter…


hELP! My Addictions...

“No. I can’t do this with you”, I told Tony as he caught up with me down the stairs.

“Dave, it’s nothing”, he tried persuading me.

“Tony, I said, I can’t. It’s wrong”, I tried releasing myself from his grip.

The truth is that, every single thing that happens in life is in accordance with intentionality- be in human willingness, spiritual knowing or Divine accordance.

Nothing happens by chance.

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