A new year is approaching!


The year 2020 would come to a final wrap in a few days time. And I’m pretty sure that you have one story or the other to tell concerning this year especially in regards to the global circumstance that struck— the Corona Virus pandemic.
It had a significant impact on virtually every sector.

But, for me, this year was such an exception. I learnt so many lessons. I got so much value and expositions. In short, my understanding was greatly helped. I had the cause to see the realness of life from an entire different view.

Year 2020! It would be over in few days from now.

But, in the midst of the euphoric atmosphere that the gradual close of every year creates, I would love to say a few, serious things.

First, I would implore you to view the forth coming year as a scheduled period of time for happenings and circumstances. But, before you get into the new year, you have to take an appraisal of yourself in the past months. You have to do this because, as each day grows by, you have to grow, develop and mature into the stature which God needs you to attain. Each day we breathe is an expression of God’s grace which we have to maximise as Apostle Paul confirms: “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” (2nd Peter 3:18)

Just before I proceed onto the next, I’ll want to mention something which I think might have crossed your mind— resolutions.


The popular notion which many have believed and come to adopt as a new year is set to unfold is that, they have to set New Year Resolutions.

The practice goes like this:
Getting a paper and pen/ electronic device to write down resolutions that they would strive to achieve. And, by the end of the year, they make a list of another set of resolutions to be achieved in the following year.

The cycle continues.

“Are resolutions then bad?” You ask.

No. Resolutions are good. They help to define strategic pattern which we live by.

But, with the notion which so many folks have towards the thing called resolutions, they would not experience so much progress in their lives.

Expantiating, the notion is such that, “Every year has to have a significant impact on me. So, I’ll make resolutions for each year and strive to accomplish them. Once the present year is over, I’ll dump them and look forward to setting new resolutions for the forthcoming year.”

That notion would not aid your rapid development.

Rather, see each year as a scheduled period of time. And, since time is life, years are part of your life. It is a continuous program. And, because resolutions are set to bring about development, the outcome of your set resolutions should be intentionally permanent in your life.

Sitdown, think honestly and see to the development of your life so far after which you see to those areas where you are still lagging and prepare for a change.

That said.

As we approach a new year, another thing I would mention to you is what Paul said to the Thessalonians: “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5:16)

Beloved, we have to understand that, each unfolding day presents us the darkness of this age. The days are not getting any better but we must not follow suit.

We have to keep doing all it takes to ensure that, we are wiser and prepared for the darkest times.

How then can we get better?

1. Ensure a stronger (intimate) bond with God.
If we loose the touch of intense fellowship with God in this times, we are preparing to fall for the darts of the Devil. So, you must ensure a tight bond with God which would be fueled by the activities of the secret place.

You have to quit self-deceit, ignorance, procrastination and every resemblance to lukewarmness and get serious with God. And, if you have formed a bond with the Father over time, don’t relent. Keep pressing on towards the mark!

It would be a thing of tragedy in these days if we make light of the essence of deep communion with God.

We need God than ever before; let’s pursue Him with the last ounce of energy in us.

2. Get acquainted with what profits.
One of the main reasons for the existence of the body of Christ is for support. We are together for contributing to our very own progress (even though, our duties might be different from one another). And, there is usually great progress when we continually point our actions to the cross.

And, because we cannot produce everything we need; we have to depend on one another (in one little way or the other) for growth in different aspects.

What I am implying here is the need to get acquainted with what profits— in form of articles, books, videos, messages. You’re have to prayerfully source out resources that can profit you.

If you allow just anything to settle into your mind, you would be a pack of junks that would deteriorate soonest.

(In the next post, I would be sharing with you, resources that have helped me so far. Endeavour not to miss it.)

3. Keep the right company.
Truth be told, one of the greatest factor which has got so much influence on a man’s life is the kind company he keeps.

I plead with you on this note to prayerfully sort out those you would have tight partnership with. It’s not enough to be friends with good people; you have to be company with the right ones.

If all you do with your friends is to check on your welfare, see to the trending news, gossip about a betrayal at work and all manner junks with no significant exchange on the things that matter, you have still not gotten it right!

You can’t be in with just anyone; prayerfully sort out the right ones.

4. Keep a track record of impressions.
To be factual, what makes it look like we are not progressing is the carefree attitude many of us have. At some times, a thought would cross would cross our heart which if bred upon would turn out to be something marvellous but, we often discard such.

If you want to be successful in life, you have to be intentional about the efforts you contribute. If you have been following up on my blog posts, I have mentioned quite a number of times that, growth is intentional. (You can always read my article on intentionality here.)

I sincerely admonish you to be diligent enough in taking records— impressions that come your way. There are times when getting to put those thoughts down would be quite hard but, you have to strive (grace) to do it.

Endeavour to keep track records of events of your life. In the later time, you’ll be glad you did.

To this, I suggest that, you have a writing app on your mobile device where you can easily put them down. (I make do with ColorNote. You can download it on Play store here). Again, I advise that you don’t try postponing writing down. You are bound to forget it (I’m writing from a personal experience).

The essence of all these is to have something to fall back on when trying to get some facts clear.

5. Stay focused; don’t compare yourself to someone else.
One thing that kills many visions quite fast is lack of focus.

The truth is this: You have a purpose which is clearly distinct. So, trying to compare yourself to someone else would not be rewarding. As I mentioned in this post, it is almost impossible not to see the beautiful things which others are doing but, that shouldn’t serve as a distraction from the real deal. We need to keep asking for God’s grace to stay focused.

As Apostle Paul has rightly mentioned, “But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them.” (2nd Timothy 3:14)

Please, continue in that which God committed into your hands. And, if you are confused about what what God needs you to do, sincerely (humbly) seek His face to know.

Refuse comparison because, “they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” (2nd Corinthians 10:12)


That’s what I have to tell you as we prepare to receive that which God still has in store for us for the remaining days in this year (God actually does. So, prepare yourself for it) before launching into the new year, year 2021.

I hope you have been blessed so far with all that I have written on this blog so far.

Meanwhile, I have to dedicate this paragraph to appreciate you for always taking out your time to read and also, leave me comments on my posts here. It means a whole lot to me. Thank you.

With that, I, Ifeoluwa Okanlawon, wish you all of the best in life.

Happy new year in advance!

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  1. Victory Adeyemi

    Happy new year in advance to you too. I like your approach to the new year resolution tradition. I’m trusting this coming year will be fruitful for us all

    1. Ifeoluwa

      Happy new year, ma’am. I’m glad you love my approach to new year resolutions.
      Amen. This year would be fruitful for us all in Jesus’ name.

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