One serious problem many people have is the problem of self-deceit. Many know what thing is the best but they love yielding to the deceit of their selves.

For instance, so many people are canvassing for more of their fleshly lusts just because they are under the cover called “Grace”.

It is just so unfortunate that, when some get to the inevitable point of judgment, making amends would be something more than “too late”.

You think that, because grace is still “very much” available, you could patiently satisfy the lusts of your flesh and later fall on your knees and plead for forgiveness.

Sure, God will forgive you but be rest assured that there’s always the consequence(s) of every action.

You have an appointment to meet up with but you decided to delay on a deliberate note. You stick to the notions, “African time” and “Coming late is better than never.”

You know quite well that, going the right side would have just been the best but you choose to go to the left side (even when you are totally aware that, some unpleasant situations would come up).


You know the right thing to do but you didn’t do it?


The truth is that, doing what is rightly needed at the right time is nothing to be compared to when such is done later.

Each time you do something rightly at the right time, watch it well. There’s always this feeling of satisfaction that settles within the chambers of your heart.


You did it right

Act right!!!

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