Full, yet restrained.

There are times in life when you are aware of the fact, you have been empowered and equipped enough to release.

I mean, those times when you feel you are capable enough to impart others with what you already have.

Take these instances:


You have been on study (of something) for a couple of months after which you feel you’re knowledgeable enough to pass such knowledge onto another person (s).


You have learnt so well about a skill for few (enough) years. You feel that you are capable enough to trade with the skill.


You are in a mutual relationship with someone (or more). And, in the course of the relationship, the other party has been reacting in an unpleasant manner. Meanwhile, you have talked to them about it but, they remain hell-bent.

Now, you have had enough of their inconsiderations. You feel it’s best to reveal the dreadful. If not, they’ll keep on with it and you’ll remain negatively affected.


I could go on mentioning instances.

But, from the given ones, you’ll observe something- the subject in question is full, ready to burst.

This situation is one that occurs in virtually every aspect of life- career-wise, emotionally, maritally, spiritually, financially, etc.

Meanwhile, this reaction is one not bad. It’s to express our fleshly feelings and compositions (as a result of knowledge acquired, habits engaged and the likes).

As one who has the Holy Spirit in Him, there are some times when you would be restrained to express the content in you.


You may be full of that “thing” but the Spirit of God in you would not want to burst at that moment- even when the urge to release “it” is at its peak.

See what Elihu, one of Job’s friends said:
“For I am full of matter, the spirit within me constraineth me.” Job 32:18

At that point where the Holy Spirit constrains us to do “it” even we are are full of “it”, what happens?

Simply, we are left to decide- choose- will power.

We are to decide whether to heed to the Spirit’s restrain or not. And, of course, God’s Almighty. He knows why He sends His Spirit to restrain you from bursting at the moment.

Talking about will power- choice.

God has made us free will agents. He’s given us the power to decide- the power to choose.

It was the engagement of the first man’s will power (Adam) that made him fall.

But, with the death of Christ and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, we have the privilege to subject the power of our will to the highest power- the power of God.

So, the more we can subject to the cross and crucify to Christ, that which is of ourselves (flesh), the better we are able to yield to the Spirit’s leads- restrictions, instructions and permissions.

“And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.” Galatians 5:24

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