HELP! My Addictions…

“No. I can’t do this with you”, I told Tony as he caught up with me down the stairs.

“Dave, it’s nothing”, he tried persuading me.

“Tony, I said, I can’t. It’s wrong”, I tried releasing myself from his grip.

As I tried breaking free, he held on to me more tightly.

He heaved a sigh.

You wonder what caused the struggle.

“Alright, Dave. Just come watch it. I mean, just once. After then, I’ll not pester you. Just once”, he raised his fore finger at me with a pleading face.

I was loosing it – my stance.

“Tony”, I called out to my best friend slowly.


“Just once, you say.”

“Yes. I stand on my words. Just one show and that’s all”, he gave me a reassuring look.

“Okay”, I said as he guided me up the room.

As we climbed up, the voice of my father came ringing so loud in my ears.

“If sinners entice you, do not consent.” It came so loud within the cavity of my brain box.

“I wouldn’t want to cause a strain between Tony and I”, I thought.

I “killed” the still voice pleading with me.

Tony and I got to his room. I had earlier ran out of same room some minutes ago when I stumbled on what Tony was watching- Heavy Porn!

“Tony, are you sure there would be no problem”, I went sober.

I was going to disobey God and stay with my friend.

“Dave, I promise you. It’s just one and that would be all”, held my hand.

I wanted to reply him but words failed me.

He put on his computer and, boom!

The first scene sent my emotions run haywire.

We started.

It’s been a year and a half since I watched just one scene of pornography with my friend.

It’s been one year and a half of slavery to the Devil.

It’s been one year and a half of getting stuck with the addiction- pornography.

It’s been one year of time and resource wastage.

It was just one.

Just one scene.


It’s just so sad and painful if we take a critical look at how so many have been deceived.

On addictions.

Many of the wrong addicts turn out to be what they are because of “Just one”.

They were enticed that, just one act would cause no harm.

They did it just once and they never remained the same.

They became stuck with it.

They became addicted!

HELP! My Addictions… is coming to do something.

Watch out for it.

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