Hold on.

Whenever I get to share knowledge with people, I always get to do it bluntly; no reservations (as the Holy Spirit leads).

So, this blog post won’t be an exception as you would do well to align yourself with whatever truth that “attacks” you.

Really, the best thing that could happen to a man is him getting to identify his purpose in God and more importantly, walk in it.


How sweet it is if you get to know that which God has commissioned you to.

But, to be frank with ourselves, there are some points you and I get to in our journeys of purpose where it seems as though, we’re not competent enough for “it”.

The weariness could be as a result of challenges or frustrations that life poses to us just because, we want to navigate our way to the finishing line.


That point.

We feel like quiting.

We feel like we not meant for the task.

At times, we feel like getting off the track to see to something else. It’s okay to feel like that but it isn’t okay to give in just because they came to us.

Hold on!

As long as you are into the right thing.

You just cannot fulfill destiny outside of that which God has written of you. The very key thing which you have to ensure in your journey in life is that, you’re into the right thing.

*That you are into the right thing does not mean that, you would not be tempted to quit at some points but you wouldn’t fall because:

1. You have a dependable pusher.

When I say, “pusher”, I mean, your driving force- that which you see as the reason for doing “it”.

If what is driving you into doing “it” is because, you received the mandate from God to do it, then, each time you feel like quiting, you’ll look back to see that which pushed you to start “it” at first- your mandate.

So, doing the right thing provides you a dependable pusher.

2. You have an infallible confidant.

This second point buttresses the first.
If what drove you to start “it is strong (take note, I never wrote “big”), then, you would have an infallible confidant to relay all of your fears and worries.

If God was your drive (the strongest you can ever have), whenever you get to that unpleasant situation along the course, your would confidently go ahead to approach Him to relay all of “it” to Him.

So, you stay to hear what He has to say (even if it seems like silence, it’s His words to you at the moment) and act upon it.

The highlights which you need to work on are these:
– Am I really into the right thing?
– What exactly pushed me into “it”.
– Looking at what pushed me, is quitting worth it?

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