Prof. Donaldson had told we, the members of staff in Faith Pursuit Arts to leave for our different homes that day and commence work the next day on how to prepare solidly for the final round which would take place in two weeks’ time.

As I walked through the narrow path which lead to the street where my apartment was located with a heavy heart, I began to reminisce about all that happened that afternoon. I couldn’t compare all of the promises God gave me together with Sarah’s encouragement and that from my work place with the result we had this afternoon.

My mind was so occupied with a lot of thoughts. I believed God so much but why this outcome.

If only I knew the package God had in store for me! If only…


I had already gotten to the front door of my apartment when I wanted to knock but I remembered that Sarah might be resting and so, to avoid disturbing her. I decided to open the door with my own copy of keys.

As I turned the keys into the key hole, I opened the door without ease only to enter into the living room and meet my beloved wife seated on the blue rug with our family Bible in her hands muttering prayers to God.

I sighed so heavily that she had to be jolted out of her prayers.

“Baddy! You’re back.”, she expressed.

“Yeah”, I made way to seat by her side as I noticed she wanted to rise from her praying position to meet my weary self. I didn’t want her stressed; I went to meet her there.

“How was it?”, she asked in a loving manner.

How I hated talking about it. “I choose not to say, sweetheart”

I knew she was able to decode the outcome by my actions.

“You did well, Baddy”, Sarah held on to my hand.

“With a 12-3 score?”, I almost blurted out on her.

“Remember, all things work together for good to them who trust the Lord”

Sarah! She just knew the right words to say.

“But my faith is little”, I complained.

“And mine is so enough to join yours to become a large one”, she gestured.

Sarah kept reassuring me of God’s promises that I had to go back to God for mercy again.



“Badmus, boss wants everyone in the conference room now”, that was Emmy, my best co-worker at FPA.

I knew what the meeting would be all about- yesterday’s result. I hurriedly rounded off was I doing and I left for the conference room as I also saw other staff hurrying for the meeting.

As a staff of FPA staff, you have to be time-conscious. It was one of our watch words.


The twenty-one staff members at FPA had settled down within some few minutes after which Prof. Donaldson stood up to address us in his baritone voice.

“Ladies and gentlemen. I’m so sure you all will agree with me that this Scholars Arts Challenge first round was a massacre to the public on the part of Faith Pursuit Arts but with God on our side, we believe it will represent as one of our stepping stones to success at the end of the final round”, Professor Donaldson started.

“Also, I would like Badmus to please rise”, he said as he fixed his straight gaze at me.

It was as though, the ground underneath my feet froze as what I least expected was an open disgrace but I was wrong.

“I would like to commend the effort of this young dude”, I chuckled inside of me at how he referred a thirty-nine year old man as a dude.

Anyways, that wasn’t the matter on ground.

“At first, he was perplexed at the thought of him contesting with Best-Ever Scholars but he later gave in to represent us at Faith Pursuit Arts and his efforts at the contest yesterday was highly incredible to me even though the results came out that way.”

Emmy had texted me late the night before saying, “Badmus, you were incredible. Keep your hopes high.” I still found it hard to believe that statement. 

I would love everyone to please rise to give a standing ovation to Mr. Badmus Sworts”, he concluded with that same dry smile he gave me some Tuesdays back.

          I never believed I deserved a standing ovation. That alone doubled my faith. If anyone told me that meeting would be devoid of the least critics, I would have disbelieved.

          The rest of the meeting was centered on strategies to be put in place on how to solidly prepare for the final round which was in two weeks’ time.

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