“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m so sure you all will agree with me that this Scholars Arts Challenge first round was a massacre to the public on the part of Faith Pursuit Arts but with God on our side, we believe it will represent one of our stepping stones to success at the end of the final round”, that was the baritone voice of Professor Donaldson as he addressed we, the staff of Faith Pursuit Arts the day just after we lost it in a 12-3 score to Best-Ever Scholars.


The broad institute, National Institute of Literature Scholars (NILS) was responsible for the organisation of “Scholars Arts Challenge” which was a contest on Literature topics between various private establishments which were in for the promotion of the Literature works through various means.

Best-Ever Scholars (BES) was considered the best amongst her peers as she had beaten her competitors hands down in all the sixteen contests she had participated in. A lot of private establishments who were in for promoting the existence of Literature arts had voluntarily opted out from the contests which involved themselves and Best-Ever Scholars.

There were times when the National Institute of Literature Scholars (NILS) arranged for contests between Best-Ever Scholars and another organization in the same field just for the latter to say they aren’t interested and Best-Ever Scholars continued to top the heights of excellence.

Reasons why BES was accorded the best were not farfetched. She had veteran professors and academicians in the Literature field. Her workforce was nothing to be compared to amongst her peers. Her students were usually outstanding whenever they went for contests with other schools even outside of the country.

One thing with Best-Ever Scholars which her peers and other civilians who were interested in the field of Literature disliked was that, they were vainglorious. For instance, BES had these strict protocols for recruiting workers. In fact, they were times when they rejected job applications save those who fully met their standards which just very few persons were able to meet. It was as though, BES craved excellence for herself alone.

“We are just the best. No controversy”, the statement by the BES Chairman, Prof. Douglas always infuriated her peers.

On two different occasions of Scholars Arts Challenge which usually took place once in every four months had no contest taken place due to the involvement of BES. Whenever the competitors were devoid of BES, the contest took place and whatever the outcome was, the reactions were usually nostalgic.

The last contest which was to take place for this year was between Best-Ever Scholars and Faith Pursuit Arts of whom I was a member of staff. The Chairman of the NILS, Prof. Edwards had officially announced that Faith Pursuit Arts (FPA) must participate in the contest.

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