Resources that have helped me so far.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I want to share with you some resources that have been of great help to me over time. Kindly take out your time to see to them.

The Bible.

Yes. The Bible. I have to put that first because it symbolises my standard as a child of God. The Bible contains the basics of what we need to know, understand and walk in.

About reading the Bible.
Quite a number of Christians have complained of not having so much time to dedicate to reading it either because of a busy schedule or lack of interest.

To conquer this, I’ll love that we understand some truths. One, none of what the world offers (irrespective of what it is, how it is or where it is) is able to satisfy us better than what God has in store for us. It now depends on how intentional we are about detaching ourselves from the cares of this world and seeking God in the secret place. Moreover, reading the Bible is not all there is but more to “…meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.” (Joshua 1:8) It’s just unfortunate at how many of us claim to read so many chapters of the Bible while we neglect something important— meditation. However, we must understand that, it’s the Holy Spirit Himself who helps us to get true meaning from what we read in the Bible. Meanwhile, sharing the Word with fellow members of the body of Christ also helps in getting understanding from the scriptures.

So, go get your Bible (I strongly recommend the King James Version), determine to study and meditate on it daily to get value from it. Don’t miss it; it’s vital for your thriving in this life.

You can get to have a soft copy of the Bible in your mobile device. Here is one that I make do with.

Ife Grace’s blog.

Yes. Ife Grace’s blog is one site I have come to love as a result of the way Ms. Ife puts out fictional stories and other edifying posts.

See for yourself on her blog here.

The Spirit Pen blog.

I so much love the way Ms. Joy Adewunmi wields her pen to strike a point— her manner of writing fictional stories. The just concluded series story on her blog was really a blessing. See her here.

Desiring God website.

I can say that, Desiring God website is one of the best cyberspace that has had tremendous influence on my life this year. With the daily posts— sermons, expository answers to Biblical questions from John Piper, Jon Bloom, Tony Reinke amongst others, you would definitely be imparted.

Subscribe to their website here to receive daily updates about their latest articles.

Meanwhile, you can also search the website for books by the authors. (I would be reviewing a book by John Piper later this week. It’s one you wouldn’t want to miss.)


Yes. Songs are channels that transports us to realms far beyond our carnal comprehension. That’s why I’m usually careful when it comes to reacting to musical notes.

That means I don’t listen to just any kind of music. And, I have few of them to tell you here.

“Knowing You” and “All that matters” by Gift Ugochukwu Christopher (GUC).

Other favourite artists are Nathaniel Bassey, Theophilus Sunday and Dunsin Oyekan.

Yes. Those are some of the resources that have been of tremendous help to me over time. They are to help us get better with our focus— Christ.

And, I also believe that this blog has profited you in one way or the other.

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And together, we go higher!

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