The Critic | Episode 14

It was Monday morning.

“Hilda, lead us in the closing prayer for this morning”, Dr. Fred said from the two-seaters chair.

I looked from the doctor to his wife before shutting my eyes.

How would pray?

“Jesus, thank you for another day in you. We ask that, you guide us in our actions and help us do your will always in the name of Jesus.”

“Amen”, my “parents” chorused.

Just then, I remembered!

“Jesus, they have always said you are good. I have come to experience this goodness but specifically on this day, I ask that, you give Dr and Mrs. Ogar their own child. No. Children, I meant to say. Give them a set of twins- a boy and a girl. I ask in the name of Jesus”, I prayed.

“A… Amen”, I heard stuttering voices.

Did they believe any more?

I believed.

“Hildaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, my mother screamed.

We hugged tightly.

She looked older than her age.


She still stayed in the one-room rented apartment with my grandmother.

“Sarah, what happened? Why are you screaming?”

I heard the voice from inside.

My grandmother!

I broke free from my mom and went in.

I had missed the both.


My grandmother looked a little lean.

Was she sick or…



“Welcome to our home, ma”, I gestured to Mrs. Ogar to come into the house.

She had volunteered to come home with me.

I thought she would express disgust at the sight of our abode.

I was wrong.

She smiled broadly and sat on a plastic chair in the room.

“Thank you. I’m happy to finally meet you ma”, she directed to my mom and grandma.

“We are pleased to have you ma”, my mother replied.

“Although, Hilda has not told us about you”, that was my grandmother.

I winked at her.

“Mama, don’t worry. I’ll explain everything to you. But, the summary of everything is that, God used her, Mrs. Mary Ogar to witness to me. I mean, she lead me to Christ and I’m born again”, I released all at once.

My mother’s eyes opened wider.

Grandma stuttered.

“Hilda, you mean you are now born again?” My mom asked.

“Yes, I am. For real. The Jesus you always preached to me, I now have”, I said revealing my white dentition.


That was what I wrote on the sheet last week.

And, I was supposed to be at work!
I shoved the thought aside.

“Jesus, you are so good.”

Grandma said with her fragile body rubbing the floor.

My mother shed a little tear.

“Thank you so much, Jesus. Ah! Ma, thank you so much for heeding to the call of God to preach to my daughter. God bless you”, my mom said to Mrs. Ogar who raised her hands to the heavens to appreciate God.

All for me!

“Mummy, ever since I became born again last week, I have been staying with her and her family.”

“Oh! You preached to my daughter. You took her to your house. You even brought her here again. Thank you for everything ma”, my mother recounted.

“All glory be to God, ma.”

She smiled.

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