The Critic | Episode 19


I heard as I stirred. I opened my eyes to the dawn of a new day.

5:48 a.m


I heard again. This time, gently.

I rubbed my eyes before going ahead to commune with my Father.

6:14 a.m

I flipped through the pages of my Bible before settling for it— John 8.

Reading through, the thirty-second verse held me down.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

The truth.

“Father, I want to walk in freedom with you but here is your word telling me to know the truth in order to be free. What truth do I need to know, Lord?” I prayed.

The truth.

Is it more of the Bible that I need to know or…

What truth?

Whatever it is, I knew God would speak to me.

I needed to go and greet my mom and grandma.

I saw grandma in the living room. Her eyes were closed but her lips were moving.

I wouldn’t want to interrupt her prayers.

What about my mom?

I knocked the door.

No response.

But, I heard groanings from within.

It’s not that of prayers.

I knocked again.

Getting no definite response, I opened the door myself and met my mother on the floor.

She held her waist in pains.

“Mummy!” I panicked.

“What’s happening to you?” I asked her frantically.

She only groaned in pains.

I feared.

“Grandma!” I ran out of the room but she gave me no response.

She continued her prayers.

“Grandma!” I called out again but she didn’t heed.

In confusion, I rushed back to the room to meet my mom still in in pains.

What was happening?

My mom is in pains.

She can’t talk to me.

Grandma isn’t responding.

What’s happening?

When I saw my mom stretching her hand to me, I rushed to her side and held her.

“Mom, what’s happening? Talk to me”, I said shakily.

She gasped. “Hilda, it’s the pain. The gonorrhea”, she managed to tell me.

I remembered.

My mother has got an infection— a sexually transmitted one.

And, I have not bothered about it in a while.

“Pray for me”, my mom held my left hand.

Oh my!

I didn’t remember to pray! I allowed fear.

“Hildaaaa”, my mother groaned.

I recalled how I told Mrs. Ogar that, I’d love to lay hands on my mom to pray for her.

I laid my hands on her waist. “Jesus, we ask for your mercy in this situation. I pray that, you send your word of healing into the body of my mother. Flush gonorrhea out and make her whole in the name of Jesus. Make her life a testimony in the name of Jesus.”


I opened my eyes to see my grandmother shedding tears.

A tear also escaped my eyes.

“It’s well”, I whispered to my grandma.

I bent over my mother to see her relieved.

The groanings stopped.

“Thank you, Jesus”, I waved my hands to God.

“Thank you, Jesus”, grandma also said quietly as she peered into my mother’s face.

We were relieved.

Praise the Lord!

“Is this how she has always been in my absence?”

“Yes. Whenever the pain starts in her lower abdomen, I would just leave her and come here to pray because, practically nothing herbal has helped the matter. Urinating has been difficult for her because of the intense pain, she explained.

When we saw that my mom was relieved, My grandma and I helped her onto the bed before we came to the living room.

“Jesus! So, you would have to wait till the pain subsides by itself?” I exclaimed.

“Yes. Infact, the pain sometimes last for hours before it she gets relieved. It’s because of our inadequacy that we have not been able to buy the prescribed drugs”, my grandma lamented on.

I heaved a heavy sigh.

“Mama”, I held her hands. “Mom got that infection from Chief Badmus but since God has forgiven our sins, I know He would also come to heal the land of our lives.”

I expected her to say, “Amen” but I got a different response.

She burst into tears.

“I should not have allowed her to go to that man’s house. Oh…. I was foolish. She what our ignorance caused us….”, she cried.

I hugged her.

“It is well”, I said.

“I believe. I believe”, she replied.

It’s minutes past 9a.m.

Mom’s completely relieved. Infact, she’s eaten.

I sighed.

I’ll have to check my phone before trying to study— maybe some academic books that I have stored in some old boxes.

Picking up my phone, I saw a message— from an unknown number.

Who could this be?

“Good day, Miss Faith. We observed that you’ve not been at work since the beginning of the week. More so, there was no letter indicating your intention of being absent at the office. And, we deem it fit to check up on you. We hope all is well.

Kind regards,
Fort Base Sorts.”

The text read.


I feel it’s high time— write a letter of resignation and move on to the next step.

I sought for a paper and pen.

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