The Critic | Episode 21

Yesterday’s church service was awesome.

I was so blessed. Infact, I felt like staying there all day.

Really, God is good.

So, today, Monday, is another day. I was going to tender my letter of resignation. At least, I was taking a step in faith.

As I got off the bike at Fort Base Sorts’ gate, I looked on forlorn for some minutes.

To be truthful, a kind of feeling— maybe, fear gripped my heart.

Should I really do this? Or, couldn’t I just leave unannounced and go ahead doing what God wants?

No! God has spoken and I have to obey. So, I come against the spirit of fear in Jesus’ name.

And, I move.

As I opened the glass door at the entrance, I embraced courage in faith.

I really needed that.

The receptionist was attending to some customers while other surbodidates squarely faced the computers in their cubicle.

I felt a change in the atmosphere….

Out of courtesy, I greeted some of them.

“Good morning, ma”, I greeted Miss Liade who was the first at the left.

I read surprise on her face. It was so evident.

“Good morning, Miss Faith”, she replied me.

I hurriedly greeted those I could— maybe, inferiority complex was catching up with me.

Whatever, I needed to act on time.

But, whose office was I supposed to go?

Mr. Joshua.
Not today.

So, who?

At least, his work was in relation to such matters.

And, I went there.

I was about getting to the door when I saw Eunice, one of my co-workers passed by with a mop and bucket.

She was surprised to see me.

“Good morning, Eunice”, I greeted.

She blinked.

“Good morning, Faith.”

“How are you?”

“Fine. You were absent all through last week. We actually wanted to check up on you but none of us have your number. You know. With the way you’re always behaving; always alone. We don’t so much about you”, she said.

And, I was hit.


To cover up, I sighed.

“Oh! I’m sorry about that.”

“No problem.”

“Alright, then. I actually came to formalise my resignation”, I told her.

She raised her eyebrows. I knew she didn’t expect it.


“Yes”, I answered calmly.

“So, you don get another better job like dat, abi?” She asked in pidgin.

I smiled.

“Not really. Just have to engage in something different for now.”

I felt I didn’t have to tell of it.

She shrugged.

“Okay oooo. Just remember us so we can also leave this cleaning job”, she said displaying the mop and bucket.

I didn’t know why. But, I smiled.

“It’s well. The Lord would remember us all.”

“Amen oooooo”, she stressed.
I knew she was desperate to get higher.

“Take care. And, my regards to every other person. I hope to get contact with you all but God would decide”, I said to dismiss her.

“I should send your regards to those who you don’t talk to, abi? Anyway, I will greet them.”

She hit me again.

Why, Eunice? My heart cried but I stayed still.


As I was about turning to Dennis’ office, she spoke again.

What this time?

“Ah Ah”, she cocked her head. “When you were with us, we were not friends. Now that you are leaving, shouldn’t we be friends again?”

I understood.

“I’m sorry. Can I have your number?”

“I would have wanted to collect yours because, I know you might not want to call me. But, my phone got spoilt over the weekend and I don’t have enough money to repair it now. Maybe, by the end of the month when I get my salary”, she explained.

Oh! I never knew Eunice talked this much.


“So sorry. God would work a miracle out for you. Just give me your number, I promise to give you a call.”

“Okay.” She dictated her number.

And, I was off.


I knocked.

“Come in”, I heard from within.

And, he had his face bathed with surprise.

“Good morning, Faith.”

“Good morning.”

My stay in Dennis’ office didn’t last so long. He asked if there was no problem with me leaving.

“No. I just have to”, I answered him.

“Okay. I wish you the very best in life”, he concluded.

“Thank you.”

And, I remembered him.

“Please, is Mr. Joshua at work?”

“No, he’s absent.”


“I’ll finish up with your letter and send it to the appropriate quarters after which your pending salary would be sent to you”, he said changing the topic.


As I stepped out of the glass door, I felt relieved.

I eventually got to do what He wants.

Taking a last glance at Fort Base Sorts, I felt mixed— sorry at the fact that, I was not able to build meaningful relationships and pleased that, my resignation was launching me into God’s plan.

On which side should I lie?

Seriously, Eunice’s words rang in my ears.

“Lord, help me to hold on” I whispered.

“Berga”, I flagged down a taxi after walking some distance.

As I settled in, I checked my phone.

I saw a credit alert of fifty thousand naira.


From who?

Checking, I was surprised— Mrs. Mary Ogar.

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