The Critic | Episode 6

I heard a knock on the door.


Room service?


“Yes. Come in”, I said from my bed.


The middle-aged woman walked in. She was just so elegant in her gait, appearance and composure.


My God-sent!


Mary Kemi Ogar.


I smiled- I hardly did that in the past years.


“Good morning ma”, I almost screamed from my bed.


I had to come down and give the woman a hug.


Someone I barely know being friend with me.


“Hilda, how are you?”, she asked after the tight hug.


“I feel…”, I put my index finger on my lips.


“I just can’t describe the excitement”, I finally told her.


“Wow. That’s Jesus”, she said as she sat down on an arm chair.


I remained on my feet.


“You see, after you left yesterday night, I just found myself reading the Bible you gave to me and I found a verse which got me so well till this morning. In fact, I slept over it. Let me show it to you”, I hurriedly said in excitement.


After I said the prayer of confession last night, I cried my heart out seeking to know God more before Mary Ogar prayed with me and handed me a new Bible before she left.

I took two steps to my bed and took the well scented Bible she handed me last night before she left.


I hurriedly flipped through the pages and read it out to her.


“It says ‘For the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the divivding asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart’”, I said with so much enthusiasim.


Mary Ogar sat back with her left hand supporting her chin on the arm rest of the chair.


“That’s Hebrews chapter four verse twelve”, she said


I looked at the Bible in my hands to confirm. “Yes.”


“So, how has that got you?”


I smiled and sat on the edge of the bed,


She has not fully heard my story.


“I guess this is the time you need to hear my story”, my eyes went a little wider.


“Alright. I’m all ears”, she adjusted herself well on the chair.


I started to tell her my story right from how my mother was gang raped and how I got to hate everything about life.


After about thirty minutes of sharing my life history with her, she heaved a heavy sigh.


“You mean you got so tired of life and you had to attack so many motivational speakers on socil media?”, she asked with a gentle face.


“Yes. It was that act which made me get involved with your influence and here we are today. In fact, if anyone told me that, I would ever have the popular and influential Mrs. Mary ’Kemi Ogar with me, I would have despised the saying long time but, I am so grateful to God that I have her her with me”, I said with a grin on my face.


I really cannot explain this joy that has engulfed my heart since yesterday night.


“Hilda, you make me laugh”, she said with a smile. “Anyways, it’s been Jesus all the way”


I cocked my head and she smiled the more.”Alright. Let’s go back to the scripture that got you you. What do you think you have to drive out from there?”


“My mum is sick and I believe that if I can speak the word into her, she would be healed of that infection”, I said with concern.


“That’s faith, Hilda. You can lay hands on her and she would be fine. In fact, you could speak healing into her life through the phone.


“Really. I would prefer touching her physically, ma.”


“That’s okay.”


“Can I ask you some questions ma?”


“Who are you?”, I asked with shyness in my face.


I hoped that came out right.


To my surprise, she smiled broadly.


“Alright. My name is Mrs. Mary Kemi Ogar. I am a marriage counsellor and also a human right activist. My purpose is to affect lives that are wrecking in the grip of sin.”


“How did you get to know me?”


She gave me another smile again.


“Hilda…”, she was about starting when I cut her short.


“I’m sorry ma. How did you get to know my name. My middle name to be precise.”


“Hilda, I got all the information I needed from the Holy Spirit.”


“Wow. The Holy Spirit”




We both talked about some other aspects of my life after which, we concluded that, I would go with her to her house.


“Wouldn’t I be a burden to you and your family?”


“No. The house contains just my husband and I. It’s large enough to accommodate you till you are able to settle down for your own apartment.”


“What about my apartment at the company?”


“You could vacate the place for the main time. You know that could also mean an addition to your salary and also an opportunity for you to grow spiritually and emotionally-wise. Although, that depends on your own consent”, she suggested.


I bowed my head a little and bred over the suggestions.

“Alright. I’m willing to go with you”, I told her after some minutes.


Her face lit up.


“Wow. That’s great.”


Was she up to something?


I didn’t feel any restriction in my mind.




“Since today is a Saturday, I could just go and tender my letter of  disapproval from staying at the company’s staff quarters for the main time.”


“Alright. Can we go now?”

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