The Critic | Episode 7

As I sat on the passenger’s seat with the seat belt fastened across my chest while Mrs. Ogar drove the huge automobile, I began ruminatinbg over the change that came upon me in the last two days.

I never imagined that, I would accept the presence of God in my life. Now that I have been led to Christ, I still found it difficult to believe that, the well-known motivational speaker and positive influencer, Mrs. Mary ‘Kemi Ogar could be seated beside me.

How close was her location to Blonds Hotel that she found it quite fast to be with me within a short time?

When I asked her how she got to know quite much about me, she kept saying, “The Holy Spirit told me all I neded to know about you.”


My thoughts shifted to where we were headed to- my apartment at the staff quarters.

The painters should be done with my apartment already.

How would I feel like when I got there?

What would be the reactions of my co-tennats when they sight me packing me belongings. Anyways, I could get away with that in a hsort while since my luggage was just a few one.


“A penny for your thoughts, Miss Hilda”, Mrs. Ogar said startling me a bit.

Her voice went a little funny. So, I had no option but to reveal my white dentition between bulged cheeks.

“So, what were you so engrossed in?”, she asked.

“Nothing much”, I said not wanting to reveal my nervousness.

“Let’s hear the little”, she said with her eyes focused on the busy road.

I had to open up to her. “I was just thinking about what the reactions of people would look like when they notice a sudden change in my actions. I mean my co-workers. I might end up looking odd because I did not make efforts to make friends in the past”, I looked at her hands which held on to the steering wheel.

Mrs. Ogar took the bottle of water which rested beside the gear box.

“Help me”, she strected it out to me with her eyes still fixed on the road.

I collected the bottle from her and broke the seal between the cover and the bottle mouth.

I handed it over to her.

To my surpsise, she muttered some words before lifting the bottle to her lips for comsumption.

Did she just pray over the water before drinking?

I shrugged my shoulders unnoticeably.

“Thank you dear”, she stretched the bottle towards me.

I collected it from her and turned the cap close.

“Hilda”, she called out to me.

“Yes ma.”

“You are now in Christ and you are already a a changed person. And, the change would be evident in your life. What you need do is to keep staying aligned as the Holy Spirit directs you. Do you understand?”, she asked.

“Yes, I do. But ma, how do I handle the shame and guilt feelings that accompanies the change that Christ will cause to happen in my life?”

“Hilda, there is no shame in Jesus Christ. It’s just a change you experience. A beautiful one to be precise. All you need do is to consciously align yourself to that change and keep reflecting Christ in the process. Your change of lifestyle could even draw others to Christ. You know”, she looked at me briefly and smiled.

Her words made so much meaningful reflections.

A smile formed on my face.

“Wow. I got so much value from what you said ma. I’ll just keep my head high and keep doing the right thing irrespective of what goes on around me”, I commented.

“Exactly. You’re sure a genius. I bet that you would soon turn out to be a coach to others, she said gleefully.

I laughed.

I wondered how she predicted the future easily.

“The left turn, right?”, Mrs. Ogar asked me.

“Yes. That’s where staff quarters is. The company is just a stone throw from there.

“Fort Base Sorts. I’ve heard quite a lot about company.”

After few minutes, Mrs. Ogar brought the car to a halt at the gate of the staff quarters.

“You could remain here ma. I’ll just go in and get my belongings. They are a quite few. I’ll not be long”, I faced her.

“Why not let me help you with them?”, she had her hand on the door lock.


“No. No. Please, I wouldn’t want to stress you. I’ll be right back ma”, I hurriedly said and unlocked the car.

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