The Critic | Episode 9

The offices were almost silent.

It was a Saturday. Just few workers – the ones in high ranks were usually at work. The likes of the branch manager, financial analyst, administrative manager…

My God!

The adminstrative officer- Joshua?

A known feeling rushed through my nerves but, I felt it swept through.

“Good afternoon, Dennis”, I said as I approached him. He was on a casual outfit.

He looked surprised to see me.

“Miss Faith, how are you doing?”, he asked dropping the papers in his hand.

“I’m fine. What about you?”

“I’m doing great. It’s unusual seeing you here on a Saturday”, he looked quite concerned.

“I came to tender my letter of tenancy withdrawal. I mean, from the staff quarters”, I explained.

“Really”, his eyes widened. “Is anything the issue?”

This sequential conversation could not have taken place with the old Faith.

“There’s nothing much. I just need to have a change of environment.”

“Alright. Your letter would have to go through the administrative officer’s office for the final verdict.”

At the mention of “the administrative officer”, my body went a little awkward.

What’s up with me?

“Here is it”, I stretched the white paper to Dennis.

“Can I leave now?”, I asked after he glanced through it within the next seconds.

“Yes, you can. You should get a response by Tuesday. You know that today is not a business day. So, your letter would be attended to on Monday”, he told me.

“Alright. Thank you so much”, I turned to leave.

“You’re welcome”, I heard Dennis say as I turned my back just to see a familiar figure at the cubicle located at the extreme.


Not Joshua?

I just couldn’t mistake his figure for another.

He was scribbling some words on papers.

I didn’t see him when I entered at first.

I just would feel awkward walking past him.

What should I do?

A thought came in.

“Dennis, could you please tear out a small piece of paper together with a pen?”, I quickly turned to ask.

He looked at me startled for a few seconds before responding.

Was I strange?

“Okay”, he finally uttered.

“Thank you”, I said after he handed the duo to me.

I moved to the table next to Dennis and bent to write.

What should I write?

Mr. Joshua.

Good morning.

I’m deeply sorry for reacting in such manner at the times when you wanted to talk with me.

I plead that you forgive my wrong actions.

That should be brief enough.

I re-read what I had written before a statement dropped into my mind.


The Jesus you always wanted to preach to me, I now have.

I only hoped my construction was good enough.

I snapped out of my thoughts and folded the paper into two before handing the pen over to Dennis who seemed so engrossed in the screen before him.

I straightened my neck and saw Joshua still focused on the documents in his hands.

I felt a harsh tug in my heart to shred the paper in my hands.

After all, I could walk past him without a word escaping my lips but something still urged me not to.

Maybe, that’s the Holy Spirit Mrs. Ogar had been refering to.

My heartbeats seemed to race faster as my steps hastened towards the door.

I got to him!

“Good afternoon, sir”, I greeted.

Surprise bathed the face that looked at me.

“Miss Faith, how are you?”, he asked.

“I’m doing fine. Please, have this”, I strecthed the piece in my hand to him.

I did not want to waste time.

He collected it from me.

“Have a nice day”, I hurriedly said and turned.


“And you too. God bless you”, I heard him say.

I heaved a sigh as I got outside door.

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