The moment you get intentional.

The moment you get intentional.

The truth is that, every single thing that happens in life is in accordance with intentionality- be in human willingness, spiritual knowing or Divine accordance.

Nothing happens by chance.

In fact, that definition we were taught back then in school about “accident” is not totally correct. Accident doesn’t happen by chance. It’s intentional- mostly not by your own will but forces beyond what your carnal senses can bear witness with.

But, that’s not my major focus in this blog post.

What then do I intend to pass across to you?

This is it.

If you really want to experience a change (either good or bad), you have to be intentional about it.

Every step to change is intentional.

The commencement of any change in a body is usually with a conscious mind in action.

So, when you come to be in a situation you do not find okay, don’t rant.

First, identify it and see how it could be tackled.

You don’t stop there.

You get intentional about the change.

If you leave a thing the way it is and not get intentional about reviewing it, it’ll stay the same.

Growth is intentional.

Get intentional!

The moment you get intentional about a thing, the moment a change starts.

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