The other side of life- you’ll surely face it.

“What is life?”
A whole lot of people have asked the question over time.
Different definitions have been given to it.
You could define life to what you feel it means to you but the fact is that, the definition you give to life might not be what it actually means.
When I tell people what I know life to be, they tend to disagree with me but I still would not force my conviction on anyone.
I believe that, the stance of the knowledge each person has, determines to a large extent, the understanding and lifestyle of such.
“Life is a battlefield where you either win the battle or otherwise”, I define life.
I do not ask that, you agree with me, though.
Just keep reading.
The battle of life has got nothing to reckon with – class, status, tribe, age and race amongst other factors of discrimination.
The truth is that, your journey in life would not be all-round rosy. There are times when the ugly things about life would show up in your face.
There are times when you would just question the reason for your existence.
At some points in life, you’ll feel like quiting.
There are some junctures you would arrive at, that, you would be tempted to question God.
“Why did God allow my birth in this dispensation?”
“Why exactly was I born into a family like this?”
“Why am I experiencing all of these unpleasantness inspite of the promises God gave to me?”
The point in your life when the “Why” question pops up like a default setting.
That point when all seems to be against you.
That particular point.
You would surely experience those moments.
When you are at such junctures, what do you do?
The very first fact you should know and understand is that, irrespective of how the situation at hand looks like, you are not alone.
I write it again.
Irrespective of how the situation at hand looks like, you are not alone.
You have with you, someone who never dwindles in love- Jesus Christ.
With that knowledge, you should strive to act it.
Act like you’ve got no issue. Act like all is well with you because, all would be well with you.
This is not to tell you to pretend or shy away from asking for help if you need do so.
Whenever you need help, ask from the right person.
In all, always act like the one who’s got Him- the saviour at your back.
With Jesus in you, you’ve really got nothing to fear about. All you need do is to, take it up to Him.
Often times, we have burdens in our hearts that we brood over so much and we forget to take it up to the surest saviour- Jesus Christ.
So, each time you’re overwhelmed with an issue and you find yourself brooding over it, take time to snap out of it and ask yourself, “Have I actually taken this matter up to God?”
There are also times when it seems as though, no one hears the burdens we pour out but the factual truth is that, Jesus Christ hears us whenever we call upon Him with a just heart.
Most of the times when it appears that Jesus is silent over our cases, we are just oblivious of the great package He has in stock for us.
So, at that point, subject your flesh to the control of the Spirit so that, you do not end up doing the wrong thing.
To be sincere, some of the situations we face are enough to make us go haywire in doing the wrong thing but we just must subject our actions to His control.
Also, I would love you to take a concise look at this scripture:
“God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.” Hebrews 11:40
To get a proper understanding about the verse, read from the thirty-second verse of Hebrews chapter eleven.
Kindly read it if you can.
The Word of God tells us in those verses that, without the unpleasant situations that came into being, there would have been no way whereby those men of old could have attained the state of perfection with God.
If there were no famines in the lands, how would these men have proved the ultimate power of God’s abundance which lies within them?
If there were no deads, how would have raising back to life come about?
If there had been no mockery of a man of God, how would have the indispisable name and power of God been shown?
If there are no delays, how would your patience be proved?
If there were no provocations, how would your long-suffering be said to be?
So, that unpleasant situation you are into at the moment is one through which, God wants to prove out a point.
Our saviour and master, Jesus Christ has affirmed the unpleasantness we would encounter in the market sphere of life. Thankfully, he didn’t leave us comfortless.
“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33
Those situations which look unbearable are what you would survive because God is just. He wouldn’t leave you to it if you wouldn’t be capable to scale through.
“There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way of escape, that ye may be able to bear it.” First Corinthians 10:13
That’s the word of God.
You are left with a choice to either take the way of escape or otherwise.
So, understand that the other side of life is what you would face. It’s not to break you but to make you into that stature Christ wants for you.
So, what’s that unpleasant situation you have found yourself in (either previously or at present)?
Share in the comments section, the ones you feel led to and let’s know the steps you took (either to victory or otherwise).
Someone might just be blessed through it.
Jesus loves you always.

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