The will of God for me, why does it seem difficult?

Many times, when we hear or see any topic that reads: “God’s will”, our minds get attached to marital or career-wise.


I mean, we tend to think towards those “big” things.


When it comes to think towards those “little” things, we feel we could decide by ourselves.


“But it’s just this little thing. I could think of a way out to fix it”, we think.


We feel that, there’s no big deal in doing it our way.


The factual truth is that, any life which has been totally handed over to God would look like such. I mean, the entirety of such life is controlled by the Spirit of God.


So, when the little things are directly guided by the Holy Spirit, then, it would not turn out to be an issue to let the control of the”big” things to Him.


As children of God, our Father desires that, we hand the control of our lives (the will-power in us) to Him. He desires to be the one who directs every of our actions even to the least of them.


But, the reverse is seen today as so many Christians seek God only when there is a big task.



The truth is that, if you really want to enjoy a great Christian journey, you must strive to build a cordial relationship with the Holy Spirit of God.


It’s the Holy Spirit who would guide you as the tread the path of life.


Coming to the topic itself, the will of God.


What exactly is the will of God?

It is no other but the mind of God. In other words, the will of God is His purpose for you.


I’ll put down, that which I always mention when it comes to purpose.


This is it: If you are not walking in line with God’s purpose for your life, you would keep doing what is understood to be- Trial and Error.


Please, note that, I did not write, “…in line with purpose…”


I wrote, “in line with God’s purpose…”


This is to tell you that, the devil also has a purpose for you and you get to fulfill that, if you do not walk in line with God’s purpose.


So, having known that, you should also know that, the will of God for you encompasses everything that concerns you- be it, big or small.


This is to mean that, from your waking up to your choice of choice of clothes for the day down to the food you eat even to the person you reach out to (amongst others) should be directed by God.


“If God is the one to determine everything which concerns me, what then is the usefulness of my will- power?”


Did you just ask that?


I’ll tell you.


As long as you boldly declare that, you give your life to Christ, then, you should know that you have given it wholly.


God doesn’t work with half-lives. He’s usually busy with full ones – those who give it completely.


In that case, your will- power is outrightly, useless. Your will- power has got no use anymore.




There’s a change (transfer) of  government.


And, because the control of our lives is no longer is our hands, we’ve got no other choice but to obey the instructions the new government (the Holy Spirit) gives to us.


The obedience which God requires from us is a total one and that would only happen if we could strive to subject our flesh to His control such that, obedience to Him always becomes a default setting in our lives.


If you would not want to obey the simple instructions God gives to you, you just would find it difficult to obey the “big” ones.


It’s from our obedience to the little instructions God gives us that, we would be able to step up a realm where we unconsciously, obey the greater ones.


Why exactly does it seem difficult to go in line with the will of God for our lives?


It’s no other reason but the flesh.


The flesh is the direct opposite of the Spirit.


The manner in which the flesh could cause one to be disobedient to the voice of God is as subtle as this:


You are about sleeping when you feel the nudge in your mind (the Holy Spirit) to get up and unplug a connection from the electric socket.


You recognise that nudge so well and you want to jump out of the bed to obey it but another part of you (the flesh) doesn’t want to. It reminds you of the fact that you’re fagged out already- the day’s stress. Besides, there is no cause for alarm; all electrical connections are properly done.


So, you reason along with the latter and you heed to nature’s call.


That just showed a disobedience.


“It’s just a minor thing”, you say.


Yes, it is such but it’s that kind that Christ wants you to do (in obedience).


So, the major cause of our inability to respond simultaneously to the Spirit’s call (God’s will) is that, the flesh together with it’s lust and affections in your life, are still very much alive


Your carnal senses would do well to emphatically state reasons why you shouldn’t heed to the voice of God but, you must strive to nail it (your flesh) to the cross.


If you do that, you would obey the will of God instantly (without reservations of any kind) irrespective of how it might appear to you.


“God’s will for me is this and that is what is what I am doing. So,what any other person might say in contrast to it remains invalid”, that would be your slogan.


The will of God- just the best thing that could ever happen to a man who seeks to know it and more importantly, walk in it.

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