The utmost desire of every realistic person who’s put his efforts into a project is that, there should be optimum output.

Often times, the end result of our efforts are not encouraging. That is, the results are either low or not in view at all.

This situation is one which could cause frustration or depression in the life of a person.

It’s at this point that, those involved would start to panic (especially, if the project is one which consumed a huge investment), question their purposes for existence, rant, curse and sometimes, end up packing the project and looking out for another.


That situation could cause those involved to go haywire in making rash decisions.

When you find yourself in such situation, what do you do?


  1. Ensure you’re into the right thing.

I’ll mention that which I always say when it comes to purpose and this is it:

If you do not walk in line with God’s purpose for your life, you’ll keep doing what is understood to be, Trial and Error.


It’s no other reason but the fact that, God would definitely not be in what Himself hasn’t commissioned.

So, if you go ahead to delve into something which God has not approved you to, you just would be wasting time and resources.

That’s the truth.

So, is that project you are into the right thing for you?

If you still cannot give a definite and unwavering “Yes” to that, you just would not do well to progress in it.

There’s just no right way to do the wrong thing because the wrong would always remain as such.

So, identify your God-place and stay there. If not, you would move among thorns.

I hope this first point would do well to put your purpose into check.


  1. Do the right thing the right way.

Every intention has got its own unique style of execution.

So, if you do not pilot your work or project the way you ought to, results would definitely not turn out to well.


Doing your thing the right way compasses about four aspects.

I. Your mindset.

You’ve read and listened to quite a number of teachings on the power of the mind. One major fact you get from those teachings is that, your mind is so powerful that, you could either be limited in your endeavors or you flourish immensely.

The mind is such a powerful gate. It functions as both an entrance and an exit because, thoughts could come in and also, leave.

If you have a positive mindset towards your work, you would have a positive result but if otherwise, it would turn out negative.

So, irrespective of the conditions that surrounds you, keep positivity in track.


II. Your audience.

If you have not identified your own target audience (I mean, those whose needs fall in line with what you offer), then, you just cannot see good results.


You are before the wrong persons.

Also, you should know that, you are not for all.


III. Your channel.

Channel in this sense refers to the mode of distribution and also, the method(s) you apply in communication.

When you discover your audience, you should also know how to communicate with them; either actively or passively.

Make your mind ready to receive different directions from God.

God could decide to go through the water this moment and the next second, you see Him in the fire.

As much as you would receive instructions, God would always point it to your purpose.


IV. Your investment.

Good results require investment. They don’t just require investment but intentional ones.


The truth is this: growth requires intentional investment.


You don’t just sit, fold your hands and expect a miracle to fall from the sky just after launching.


You have to invest in “it” by intentional efforts.


How do you invest intentionally?

You should understand that, investment in a project differs from another one (in respect to each’s nature).

Examples of intentional investment are:

I. Spending your money (prudently and concisely).

II. Taking out time to read, listen or watch materials related to what you are into.

III. Reaching out to experts in your field (as led by God Himself).

IV. Promoting your work.


  1. Give it time.


You’ve heard about it and you definitely want it.

You want success.

Just before you get success (I mean, good success), you have to be actively involved in something.

To achieve success in it, you have to give it time.

Often times, we invest in a project and expect to get results just at the moment.

The truth is that, it doesn’t always work that way.

You know why?

You need to invest your time.

You need to be patient.

When you rush in, you’ll definitely rush out and that’s because, you’ve got a wrong mindset.

So, give your investment the time it truly deserves.


  1. Pray over what you do.

Many times, you don’t get to see coaches and instructors tell you this.

Prayer actually does a whole lot!

There are times when, human theories and logistics wouldn’t function. Rather, the shot needed at that time is prayer.

That product that has remained in stock for so long without any bookings.

That project.

That piece you’re writing.

Why not lay your hands on it (them) and decree some utterances to them in faith?

I know it might sound unrealistic to you but this is a guide that works with your faith in place.


So, these four major factors would do well to shed some light to the “why” you are not seeing quality results in that thing which you are into.

See to that which concerns you and adjust as necessary.


God bless you.

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