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Brand Story

Word Guide is an agency which aims at guiding writers along the course.

It is solely run by Ifeoluwa Okanlawon – a book writer and consultant. She aims at writing that which will have positive impact on the minds of her readers. She observed that, a whole lot of people are willing to venture into the writing course but, unfortunately, most of them end up not being effective due to one issue or the other they are faced with.

So, she decided to establish Word Guide where she would guide writers into becoming exceptional ones in the field.

For a writing to be termed “good”, the written words which make it up must be well guided. It’s this necessity that brought about the name, Word Guide.

The icon which consists two square boxes with the initial letters of Word Guide (WG) represents the two pages of an open book.

In the actual sense, the pages are blank. Personifying them, the pages are expecting someone to pick up the pen and write on them. So, the pages could be said to be ready to receive words from a writer who is also ready.

This illustration gives one of the evident qualities of Word Guide – readiness to work with the writer.

Of course, Word Guide’s readiness would yield very little or no positive results if the intending writer is not on the same page of readiness with the guide.

Writing, unlike other skills is not stereotypical in nature. It’s flexible. Even in its flexibility, the necessary steps to good success must be taken.

It’s with these steps that Word Guide is ready to climb to the point of good success in correspondence with the readiness of the writer.

Word Guide,
You write. We guide.

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Amongst all other skills out there, writing is such an exception.
You wonder why?
It’s because the art of it is highly flexible even though, the necessary steps to ensure a good writing must be taken into cognisance.
Anyone could write but the fact is that, not every writer can write a good piece.
It’s because the important steps to achieve one were not acted upon.
So, what’s that aspect of your writing course that you find out to be a problem in writing a good piece?
Identify it and reach out to me on how to fix the loops.
Reach out to me via the links below so that, I could guide you on how your written words should turn out to be an exceptional in the field.
Your written words deserve the quality consultancy which Word Guide offers.
To your growth along the writing course,
Ifeoluwa Okanlawon.

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